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plastic vials
Plastic Vials and Vial Racks

Dynalon Labware stocks plastic vials in materials such as low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and polystyrene. We also offer a variety of plastic vial racks with some being made in our Rochester, NY facility. Dynalon Labware stocks a virtually limitless range of plastic racks for vials. In addition to plastic vial racks that we distribute, we stock custom vial racks fabricated of Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene.

Our stock plastic vial racks are ready for immediate shipment and custom vial racks are made daily to meet your specifications. All vial racks fabricated in our Rochester, NY facility have the Made in the USA image on their web page for easy identification.

Snap Cap Vial


Price: $61.08 to $123.89
Kartell High Strength Plastic Vial


Price: $48.53 to $82.27
Kartell Plastic Vial


Price: $60.93 to $226.56
Plastic Hinged Snap Cap Vial


Price: $179.45 to $1,794.45
Scintillation Vial


Price: $270.27 to $314.67
100 Place Plastic Scintillation Vial Rack


Price: $192.97


Price: $19.04 to $104.67
Bulk Plastic Container


Price: $116.01 to $1,681.30
Kartell Vial Plastic Coulter® Cup


Price: $43.90 to $219.50
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