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Plastic Stirring Paddles

Dynalon Labware has both stock and custom plastic stirring paddles. Choices of plastic materials including HDPE and Nylon. High Density Polyethylene stirring paddles are fabricated in our Rochester, NY facility and can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Our new Liquid Sampling and Stirring Kits offer a variety of paddles and handle length. Best of all, they are stock and ready to ship!

Liquid Sampling Kit


Price: $28.02 to $450.04


Price: $24.61 to $206.65
Nylon® Paddle Scraper


Price: $86.50
White Nylon Plastic Spatula


Price: $4.76 to $114.42
Plastic Spatula Scraper


Price: $66.98 to $69.35
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