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MultiCan Barrier Container EVOH
MultiCan® barrier containers feature a six-layer structure – one of which is an all-round EVOH barrier layer. MultiCans are perfectly fitted for oxygen-sensitive contents and for permeating liquids, such as non-polar hydro-carbon compounds. NEW MultiCan plastic containers are especially designed for flavors and fragrances but also for alcohol, paints and coatings, additives, solvents as well as detergents.

This structure results in increased customer benefit:
• The filled medium is only in contact with ultrapure HDPE.
• The characteristics of the customer product remain stable.
• The permeation of the product is efficiently prevented.
• Flexible and dimensionally stable transport packaging with UN approval.

MultiCan Barrier Container 5L


Price: $14.92
MultiCan Barrier Container 10L


Price: $22.08
MultiCan Barrier Container 20L


Price: $37.34


Price: $2.63 to $33.30
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