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Plastic Imhoff Cone Rack
Imhoff Cone and Imhoff Cone Rack

Imhoff-Type Sedimentation Cones are unbreakable transparent and molded of styrene-acrylonitrile. Imhoff Cones are have a leakproof screw closure at tip of for easy withdrawal of sediment and ease in cleaning. Molded graduations in divisions up to 1000 ml on each Imhoff Cone.

Made in the USA
Imhoff Cone Rack is fabricated in our Rochester, NY facility. Heavy duty welded construction of rigid, high-density polyethylene to support four Imhoff Cones. Imhoff Cones can be easily read with minimum interference due to design of racks. Imhoff Cone Rack dimensions are approximately 15 1/2” x 8” x 14 7/8” high.

Imhoff Cone Rack


Price: $223.25
Sedimentation Funnel Imhoff Cone Stand


Price: $30.03 to $254.50
Imhoff-Type Sedimentation Cone


Price: $63.47
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