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Glass Disposal Boxes with Handles

Get A Grip - Disposal Boxes with integral handlesFloor size disposal boxes now feature integral handles at no extra charge! In stock and shipping are the Glass Disposal Boxes and Burn-up Bins. All other floor models will be replaced as old stock is depleted.

Glass Disposal Boxes and Burn-up Bins are offered in three sizes to fit your lab's various needs. The Plastic Recycling and Non-Hazardous Disposal Boxes are both offered in floor size only.


Acrylic Holders for Disposal Boxes


Price: $236.45 to $591.25
Glass Disposal Box, Bench top model


Price: $5.85 to $77.23


Price: $50.62 to $77.23
Plastic Recycle Box


Price: $5.85 to $86.61
Non-Hazardous Disposal Box with Handles


Price: $5.85 to $75.70
797115 Plain Disposal Box with Handles


Price: $5.85 to $60.39
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