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Slide Foamaction Plastic Cleaner and Lipsol®Detergent

SLIDE Foamaction Plastic Cleaner aerosol is a foaming water-based spray that effectively removes oil and dirt marks from all plastics, even sensitive acrylic and polycarbonates. SLIDE Foamaction Plastic Cleaner is ideal for cleaning plastic parts, and helps remove mold releases prior to secondary operations.

With a cleaning performance second to none, Lipsol marks the arrival of the next generation of laboratory detergent. Lipsol Detergent is a non-corrosive, fully biodegradable liquid concentrate, suitable for use with all types of laboratory glassware, ceramics, plastics, rubber, stainless steel and ferrous metals. 

Lipsol is a highly alkaline mixture of detergent, surfactant and chelating agent suitable for removal of most types of contamination by soaking or use in an ultrasonic bath; not for use in dishwasher.

Work Pac All-Purpose Wipes


tuff-job scrims


SLIDE Foamaction Plastic Cleaner


Price: $11.43 to $137.20
Lipsol Laboratory Detergent


Price: $0.00 to $129.53
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