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Beta Protection Shield
Beta Radiation Protection Shields

Dynalon Labware fabricates acrylic beta protection shields in our Rochester, NY facility. High quality shields fabricated in 3/8 inch Acrylic protect against beta radiation.

Available in a number of designs to suit individual needs. Angles allow comfortable ergonomic working position when examining or handling samples. Excellent demonstration shield for use with Bio-hazard shield for blood-born pathogens.

Additional sizes available upon request.

172274 Beta Protection Shield


Price: $151.89
172254 Single Bend Beta Protection Shield


Price: $60.17 to $84.40
172294 Dual Bend Beta Protection Shield


Price: $98.48 to $114.11
172384 Hinged Beta Protection Shield


Price: $234.47
172355 Beta Radiation Shield


Price: $232.60
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