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Azlon Plastic Beakers

Azlon Plastic Beakers are stocked in Dynalon's Rochester, NY warehouse for immediate shipment throughout the North American marketplace. Azlon plastic beakers and plastic beakers with handle are supplied in a full range of capacities.

Azlon Square Ratio Plastic Beakers pictured at left are the safe, convenient alternative to griffin style beakers. These beakers feature a vertical lip around the top of the beaker which serves two purposes: first the lip contains many spills that may occur with the rounded design of a griffin style beaker. Second, this vertical lip allows the beakers to be stacked together in sets when not in use.

Azlon Square Ratio Beaker


Price: $12.86 to $71.51
Azlon Tapered Plastic Beakers


Price: $10.23 to $41.78
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